I have a Blogroll on the main page and it contains all the blogs I am reading right now.  I love checking out other blogs, especially those about food/cooking/baking.  Here’s a breakdown of what they are about:

101 Cookbooks – by Heidi Swanson.  This site was recommended by my friends Remps (thanks!).  Check out the vegetarian recipes = unreal.

Combien Reaction? – By Maarten Dankers.  This is the travel and life blog of my very interesting and well written brother-in-law.  Check out his adventures in South America and his upcoming travels to Sweden.

Cookies and Cups – By Shelly.  This baking blog has a cooky and fun layout.  The writing is hilarious and the baked goods are so creative.  Haven’t had the guts to try anything yet, but I would love to eat it!  Update:  I tried the CC&L Cookies.  Finally!  They were amaaaaazing.

David Lebovitz – obviously by David Lebovitz.  This site is not just about recipes, but has some other cool reads on it.  If you are going to New York or Paris, he has some suggestions for restaurants.  For some reason I just love this guy.

Lawyer Loves Lunch – By Azmina Aboobaker.  She is a young lawyer who loves to cook traditional pakistani food along with other culinary adventures featured in her great writing style.  And…she was just on the last installment of Hell’s Kitchen!

Piece of Cake – By Shauna.  This is my fave blog to read.  I just keep reading and reading…. I’ve tried a few recipes and they are delish!  Luuuuuv iiiiiit!

Ricardo Cuisine – by Ricardo Larrivée.  An awesomely accented French Canadian whose recipes have never failed for me.  Check out his chicken recipes (he poaches chicken and it stays super moist and flavourful and it is so easy!). You can read this site in english ir just click on Francais and you can read in french to your heart’s desire.

Sasasunakku – By Sasa.  The title is hard to say, but it is a stellar read.  She says that sunakku means snack in Japanese.  Sasa’s been all over and has lots to share.  For a laugh check out the Hangrrr page 🙂

Smitten Kitchen – By Deb.  This is the blog that gave me the idea to start my own.  I was in awe at first sight!  Very well respected website and it’s all due to the beautiful photos and amazing recipes.  I’ve tried many a recipe and they’re always yummy. Oh, and she has the cutest little baby!

The Kitchen Sink Recipes – By Kristin.  This food blog was recommended to me by my bother-in-law and I have been going back ever since.  Great recipes that are easy and health conscious.

The Pioneer Woman – By Ree Drumond.  This site is jam-packed with recipes, blog confessionals, home decor ideas and even giveaways.  If anything, check out the High Heels and Tractor Wheels true story about how she fell in love with her husband.  Now that is a good summer read!

The Wednesday Chef – This food blog is by Luisa Weiss.  Luisa just moved to Berlin, Germany and reading her blog has given me a little solace now that I’ve also just moved to Europe.  She’s also endorsed by Martha – need I say more?

Ok, that’s what I got for now.  I’m always looking so I will probably always be adding more.  Enjoy the great reads!