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Good morning all! It’s Sunday. Yup, Sunday.  I love this lazy day.  It used to be all about sleeping in, then laying in bed forever. Getting up and putting on my slippers and a snuggly housecoat and pad into the kitchen to make coffee and pancakes.  Not much has changed, except now we don’t sleep in, but we do bring our Little Pea into the big bed to play for a while in the morning. And, pancakes are always still on the menu!

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this recipe with you.  It is embarrassingly simple, but it is the classic go-to you must know.  My Mom has made these pancakes for decades. I remember, I used to be very proud that I ate them the way my Dad did. A double decker with butter and syrup.  My Mom and Dad were so cool. I hope LP thinks we are cool, too.  If I make her pancakes every weekend, I think I can count on it – for a few of her younger years, anyways!

Mr F is working all weekend, so I made some pancakes for myself.  I must. eat. pancakes. on. Sunday.  This is what LP was doing when I was cooking in the kitchen with the door closed. Hahaha!

Classic Pancakes – recipe by my mama and memorized by every member of my family

1 egg

1/4 cup oil

1 cup milk

1 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp sugar (optional) – I always put syrup, so no need to sweeten the cakes

Start by lightly whisking the egg.  Add the oil and whisk a little more.  Whisk in the milk. Next dump in the flour and baking powder and you guessed it – whisk.  Once incorporated, set aside and get that pan warmed on medium.  If you have a non-stick pan, no butter or oil needed.  If you have stainless steel pans like me, I like to melt a little butter to fry them in.  The edges get a little crispy that way and they won’t stick.

Stack’em how you like’em and top with whatever floats your boat. Since these are classic, I reccommend butter and syrup. Oh and by the way, I’ve made these with whole wheat flour, with buckwheat flour, I’ve added chocolate chips, bananas and topped with anything from strawberries and whipped cream to blueberries and maple syrup.  Go nuts!



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