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I came across this channel on YouTube and I think it is awesome.  It’s Martha Stewart endorsed and the lady who is in the cooking videos, Sarah Carey, is laid-back and cheery.  She isn’t above using some canned stuff in her meals.  It’s all about quick delish meals you can throw together and feels good about the healthy choices.  The videos are satiating my want for the Food Network.  Why oh why can’t I watch Canadian or American tv shows on the internet….do any of you know how I can? So far I liked the lentils and the bacon wrapped chicken.  I haven’t watched them all yet, though.  Check it out for yourself!

Oh and here’s a new photo of LP 🙂


Yes you read right, fat free.  I know that is so gimmicky and doesn’t sound good at all, but they are – good that is.  This is one of those recipes that came out of my “Pink Book”.  I swear I invented it, but who knows, it was so long ago.  I can tell it was in my dieting phase, since it is beside all the recipes from Kelly-Anne – our nutritionist on the National Team.  I was never what you would call a skinny athlete.   I tried everything, but could only drift 5 or so pounds lighter.  I could somehow drift 10 pounds heavier.  I was working out 2 times a day, 6 days a week and couldn’t get lean enough for the physiologist to be happy.  I got shit reprimanded every time we had anthro done.  Anthro is the fat pinching test.  Yuck.  Now if you want to break an athlete’s spirit tell them they are too fat all the time.  As I grew older I finally grew a spine, stopped dieting and just healthy and my body was much happier for it.

What a depressing story!  Sorry.  BUT, this is how these muffins were invented.  And now that Little Pea is 4 months old now, it is high time I lose this gut.  Oh, and I’m going home to Canada.  Everyone is going to se the post baby body…..Well, with some exercise and eating right I can get back to normal in a few months.  In the meantime I will be snacking on fat free muffins! And salads and soups

Fat free because you use apple sauce instead of oil or butter.  They aren’t sugar free, but if you want to use Splenda or something go right ahead.  Although, I do promote keeping food natural.

Fat Free Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

This recipe makes 12 medium sized muffins.  You can top them with a crumble or put some raisins or nuts in them.  This is just the basic recipe.  Dress ’em up if you like.

1 cup unsweetened apple sauce

1 egg

2/3 cup sugar (you can try getting it down to 1/2 cup)

1 cup flour

1/2 cup rolled oats

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

First set the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  Next mix together the apple sauce, egg and sugar.  In another bowl mix together the dry ingredients.  Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir until combined. Dollop the mix into a 12 muffin muffin tin.   Pop them into the oven and bake for about 12 minutes.  My oven is a little guy, so the timing may not be bang on for your oven. Please keep an eye on them and insert a toothpick to check.  If the toothpick comes out clean then they are done.  They should get slightly golden on the top.  Remember – if you eat the whole tray in one day – that is not dieting 😉



To my utter surprise I have found myself totally indifferent to food.  For the last 10 days I have found myself completely enamored with a new little bundle.  Mr F and I welcomed our baby girl into the world on February 21.  I reckon the problem with the indifference to food is her cinnamon swirl hair, juicy apple cheeks, deep water blue eyes, soft as cream skin, deliciously sweet smell and her sugary little personality.  This beautiful little pea is the best reason to not think of my foodlova side.  It will be a while until I get a chance to post again, so feel free to check out the recipe box for some good old favorites. Until we speak again!

**picture via Tigerpup Cards

So, it is Valentine’s Day.  There is no other way to celebrate this holiday than by eating.  Eating out, eating in, eating chocolates, sipping champagne.  This can be done with your lova, your friends, your family or spoiling yourself with a solo day.

I like to make dinner, surprise, surprise.  Going out or getting a reservation just sounds impossible to me and isn’t staying in romantic?  Especially in February when the weather can be super cold and beg you to stay in.  What’s more cozy than a hot meal indoors in your sweats?  Wait, did I say sweats?  I meant, super sexy lingerie covered by a new dress.  Ok, I am full term people, clean sweats are the best I can do right now.

Here are some suggestions for a menu:

Engagement dinner


Nori encrusted Salmon on Soba Noodles


Pissaladiere and Cheese Fondue

Chocolate Cake

This year I am going for a French theme.  If Mr. F is reading right now –STOP HERE!  I’m thinking, Fench onion soup, moules et frites and a creme brulee for dessert.  Wish me luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Well, it’s been a while since I last updated the links section of this blog.  I have been frequenting a few more and want to share.  Check out the side bar for direct links and under What I’m Reading for discriptions of 101cookbooks, davidlebowitz and…Ricardo!!!  He has risen from the ashes of his cancelled magazine and has come back in web form with lots of cool add-ons on the new site.  If you could have seen my face when I landed upon this discovery, well, it might have matched my face this weekend when I bought 2 (yes, 2!) new pairs of super-euro-flat-leather-knee-high-boots.  A girl’s gotta keep the tootsies warm when the cold weather descends.  Why not go stylie?  Enjoy!

If you haven’t gone out and bought canned pumpkin yet for that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, then wait!  I have a little project for you.  Make your own.  You know how I like to make my life harder and make everything under the sun from scratch.  Ya right!  But the sad fact is that I could not find any canned pumpkin over here in Delft.  No friggin’ canned pumpkin.

You wanna know why?  It is because Thanksgiving does not exist here. GASP!  You might find this even more surprising if you know Mr. Foodlova.  Thanksgiving just happens to be at the top of his list for holidays.  He did not even celebrate Thanksgiving at home until he started school and found out about it.  His Dutch heritage did not impart this food fest on his family, but once he got a hold of it he ran with it.

This time of year brings many fond memories back to the surface for me.  I woke up this morning to the most spectacular fall day.  Sun shining, blue skies, that smell only fall can bring and the deliciously crisp air.  That fresh air, washing away the sweat of summer, always begs me to put on a cozy sweater and go out to stare at the colourful leaves fluttering against the bluest of blue skies.  It’s the weather that reminds me of the start of the skating season and the feeling that anything is possible for the year to come.  It reminds me of family, like when Dad would get us all to rake leaves (ya right!  we only jumped in the piles – right, Dad?).  It reminds me of great friends gathering around a giant table, just big enough for all of us and small enough to fit into the apartment of the J family.

This year we are missing out on the succulent brined and barbecued turkeys of the past curtosy of the Jez, but we are excited to introduce the day of thanks to our cousins over here in Europe.  Wish me good luck on this venture and pray that they will love pumpkin pie!

Whoever you are celebrating Thanksgiving with this year, I hope it is a great gathering of food and love.  I am thankful for my great adventure in the Netherlands, for my loving husband, my great friends, my amazing family and the new little pea growing inside the pod.  I hope you have lots to be thankful for and I know that whoever you serve your pumpkin pie to will be thankful that you made the puree from scratch 😉

Pumpkin Puree – straight from The Pioneer Women (alt cooking style is from yours truly)

2 small pumpkins or 1 large

All you need for this recipe is that!  Slice the tops off of the pumpkins.  Then cut it in half.  Use a strong stemmed spoon and scrape out all the seeds and gunk.  Make sure you keep the seeds we will use them in the end!  Once cleaned out, slice the pumpkins into segments and line on a baking dish.  No need to peel, yet.

Put in preheated 350 degree farenheit oven for about 45 minutes or until the pieces are very soft.  Remove from oven and peel back the peel.  Break the pumpkin into smaller pieces.  Use a food processor or blender or potato masher (old school!) to turn it into puree.  You may need to add some water if the pumpkin is dry. 

For the alternate cooking style, you can toss the chunks of pumpkin into a pot and steam them.  I ended up having to do this since I did not bake them long enough!  Both ways work, the goal is just to soften up the pumpkin enough for it to be mashed or processed.

Now for the seeds – clean off the pulp and spread out on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle lots of table salt all over them.  Slide the baking sheet into a preheated 200 degree oven and bake for about an hour or until they are golden brown and crispy. Enjoy the bonus!

I updated my blogroll and the “what I’m reading” page.  Check out the new links.  I also added a page called “Browse Recipes” with a full index of all the posts in one spot.  Now it is super easy to find a recipe!  Enjoy.

I just spend two whirlwind days in Paris.  We jumped on the high-speed train and bulleted into France to see the wonders of the City of Love.  We walked the Champs D’Elysées, we climbed the Arc de Triomphe, we saw the Eifel Tower by night and climbed Montmartre to see Sacré Coeur.  Oh yeah, and we spend hours with thousands of other people in the L’ouvre Musée.  Hours.  But, what I can tell you, on this here blog, is that I ate.

I ate fresh-baked croissants for breakfast (still will forever remind me of the Van der Valk in Wolvega), crusty baguette from a boulangerie, crudités, “french” fries and pizza.  Ok, italian style pizza does not count as a French delicacy, but I just can’t resist a stone oven baked pizza.


We also stepped into a chocolaterie for les bonbons chocolat and into this candy shop.

An old fashioned homemade candy and cookie shop.  I felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  Which, just happens to be one of my wildest dreams.  Yes, you guessed it, I have a sweet-tooth, especially when it comes to life-sized gummy bears and chocolate rivers.

This dream store provided me with homemade lollipops and Mr. Foodlova and Mama Foodlova delved into the cookies.  We bulleted back to the Netherlands with full tummies.  Ahh, Paris!

So, gentle readers, I have a little surprise!  On this blog I often refer to some of my great friends who are amazing cooks.  Back in Calgary, me and Mr.F would be invited to these said friends’ houses for dinner.  Not just any dinner, people.  We would be eating in style.  We love to get together for an excuse to make something that is not just ok, but great!  This is one of the things I miss most about being home: dinner parties!  Through this blog, I still get to share my culinary adventures, even though my friends back home can’t taste the food, but I’m missing out on their food odesseys.  And isn’t that what having dinner is all about – sharing?   This is where the great idea stems from.  Why not get my friends/family from back home to cook up some meals as guest bloggers and then it will be like I/you can be having dinner with them!  At their house!  Yes, my friends, this is a great idea.  Stay tuned for guest bloggers in the months to come…..

Y’all, I could not keep this to myself.  This post had to be shared.  Hopefully you get a good laugh out of it like I sure did.   I could picture it all so easily and funny enough, I could picture myself doing all those weird things before a running race.  For your reading pleasure, here it is – Running and Roca by Cookies and Cups.


I'm an ex-Olympian and I have a serious passion for food. I guess you could call me a food lova! What about you?

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