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It never fails, every Sunday morning, out comes the pan and flipper for some tasty pancake making.  I wake up thinking about it and it really helps that my little pea is very keen on them too! I really am a vanilla kind of girl when it comes to my Mom’s pancakes.  Double stacked with butter and syrup please!  You might think me folish for letting you in on this little secret, but I favour with all my heart and tongue the Aunt Jemima syrup.  Gasp!  Coming from a land known for it’s woody maple syrup it is truly an offence.  Especially for my francophone friends.  My good friend from Quebec found out my little secret when we lived together in Vancouver training for the Olympics.  She scolded me and then had to avert her eyes every time we chowed down on our day off.  But alas, my shame is always overrun by my preference for the lady bottle.

Over here, Aunt Jemima is replaced by syrup imported from the States.  Bosco claims it is the original.  I must say it is good enough to pour over my pancakes.  Those plain little cakes.  This weekend, though, I was itching for something less plain – less vanilla.  Didn’t I see some banana loaf pancakes one of the many blogs I follow?  After a short search I realized it was these carrot cake pancakes that I mis-remembered.  Hmmm, those could be good another day.  Instead I meddled a little with my Mom’s classic, fried them up in some extra creamy european butter and me and LP had a right good feast!  With my Bosco syrup.

Banana Loaf Pancakes

We use stainless steel pans in our house, so pancakes tend to stick.  I have found that frying them in some butter makes them crispy and delicious around the edges and omits the buttering-of-the-pancakes step.  Also, did you know that European butter has more milk fat in it?  I have totally noticed the difference and it sure is creamy! I always eat pancakes with syrup so I never feel the need to add sugar.  If you do, then a 1/4 cup will do. This recipe makes 8-10 small pancakes.

1 and a half mashed ripe bananas

1 egg

1/8 cup oil

3/4 cup milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

Mix together the wet ingredients and then whisk in the dry. Preheat the pan on low to medium heat.  Prepare your pan with butter and ladle on 2-3 small puddles of batter.  Only put the butter where you are planning to put the batter.  This keeps it from burning in the spots where no batter will be.  When bubbles start to emerge on the top, gently flip over and cook through. Repeat.  Serve immediately with the syrup of your preference!




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