Hi y’all!  It’s Valentine’s Day and over at my house I just bought a grocery basket full of candy, chocolate, chips and pop.  No baking over here folks.  I know, brutal, but I am gearing up for Little Pea’s first birthday and I don’t want to kill my baking mojo before the big day.  BUT, I did hunt something out for you on this sweetest of all holidays (or should I say celebration day?).

When I read this recipe, my mouth dropped open.  Not only does this ice cream recipe have only 2 ingredients, it does not need an ice cream maker!  That has been what has held me back all this time.  I just couldn’t fit another appliance in the kitchen.

If you hurry and get it going in the morning, it will be all set up for the romantic or girls night or candy poppin movie watchin night you have planned.

Here’s the link to Cookies and Cups.  Thanks for hooking a girl up, Shelly!