This is just a short little note, but I had to share!  Remember those baking powder biscuits I wrote about the other day?  I usually make them with soup or with chili or basically as an accompaniment for something hot that comes in a bowl.  Well, last night I made tomato soup with mini-meatballs and the requisite side of biscuits.  Somehow there were 3 left over for today.  I threw then in the oven to warm and then gently flicked them out of said oven with my fingers onto a plate.  How should I eat them?  I broke one of the crumbly moist packages open and decided to drizzle it with honey.  Eureka!  I have been lost in the savory world too long!  Please, make these, have leftovers, warm them in the oven and drizzle them with honey.  Please.

ps.  I guess you could call this a birthday dessert, because as of January 28th, this blog is now 1 year old.  Thanks for sharing this past year with me 🙂