Happy New Year!  I am back from my lovely, amazing, tiring, fun-filled holiday in Canada.  It consisted of visiting, driving, brunching, wedding going, Christmas dinner-having, New year’s sparkling cider drinking and lots of hugs and memories. It was such a busy time that this here-old site was free of new posts for days.  But have I got a good one to share with you.  You are probably thinking that I am going to give you something healthy for your New Year’s resolutions, but come on, do you really expect that from me?  I am pregnant and feel sick if I don’t get enough calories.  So, this one here will sure do the trick!

It hails from the culinary expertise of my bro.  It is not surprising that he loves food as much as me.  My whole family LOVES food.  We like dessert, but when it comes to the main, that is where we are salivating.  We ate mounds of cabbage rolls, piles of potatoes, stacks of sliced turkey, mouthfuls of stuffing and of course we pounded the requisite perogies.  We could not wait until Christmas dinner for the perogies, though.  I had fresh made perogies made by my expect aunt and I had this dish.

Now I wasn’t sure what to call this.  My bro was inspired by a small cafe in his Saskatchewan town.  He raves about this chef/cook that seems to come up with awesome ideas.  The first day we got to my bro’s house, he got this dinner going.  Mr. F and I delved in and could not get enough.  Actually, we were full after one plate, but that one plate was a mixture of pure decadence.

Fried perogies mingled with big chunks of onion and crispy bacon.  All topped with pepper and a dollop of sour cream.  This stuff sticks to your ribs and the baby was so happy for it!  Bearman – my big brother – explained it as thinking outside the perogy.  Instead of stuffing the perogy with all sorts of stuff, make a “casserole-type” dish out of it.  Brilliant!

Perogy, Bacon and Onion Explosion – Bearman Simpson

So, I am letting you off the hook for this one.  You can pull out those perogies you already made or you can buy some good quality ones from the store or the baba down the street.  Homemade are best, but you know, not everything can be homemade….

2 large yellow onions cut into segments (like oranges)

1 pack of good quality bacon

20-30 perogies (check out my mama’s recipe here.  In order to fry them up, you gotta boil them first and then fry them in a pan with butter.)

Start by frying the bacon until crisp and break into 1-2 inch pieces.  Fry the onions with some butter and fry the perogies in butter.  Combine all ingredients in one dish.  Serve immediately with a heaping dollop of sour cream.