So, this baby of ours might come out looking like a plump little tomato.  Remember Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Not only is it one of the best movies of all time (the original, people!), but Violet eats a piece of chewing gum that tastes like blueberry pie and she starts turning into a blueberry.  Her Dad, in the tongue and cheek comedy typical to the lines in the movie, yells, “Voilet, you are turning violet, Violet!”  Here’s the clip.  Similar to Violet, I’m afraid that if our ultrasound was in colour, that our baby would be bright red.  The culprit: tomatoes.

Since the beginning of the pregnancy I have had to avoid some foods because of their smell or look or you know – it is really indescribable.  Aanyways, one thing that I could eat the whole time was tomatoes.  I would eat tomato soup, tomatoes straight up, tomatoes with pasta, tomato sauce and even tomatoes on toast.  The preference for tomatoes has continued and running out of ideas, I remembered this sauce.  Oh Lord, thank you for reminding me of this sauce!

It is very unassuming.  Just one onion, one can of tomatoes and some butter.  The path to the finished product is also easy: throw everything in a pot and simmer.  The ending is glorious!  Truly the tastiest sauce I have ever had.  It, of course, has been talked about all over the food blogosphere, but I am bringing to this site because I love you, my friends, and it could not go unnoticed.

I know the foodie in you is probably already thinking about adding some basil or some cream or some parmesan, but please promise me that you will try it plain first?  The acidity of the tomatoes is dulled by the richness of the butter and the onion gives it a deeper tone.  And by the way, this is a vegetarian dish, sans meat, for all you out there that are trying one meatless night a week. Also, this is way way cheaper than buying the canned sauce and I think way way more tastier.  Give it a try!

Super Tomato Sauce – Marcela Hazan Essentials of Italian Cooking

This will make enough sauce for 4 mains unless you are like me and Mr.F and it will feed you both firsts and seconds.

One big can of tomatoes (800g) or two smaller cans

5 tbsp (70g) butter

1 medium sized onion, peeled and cut in half

salt to taste

about 1 pound pasta

Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring up to a boil.  Lower the heat and simmer with the lid off for 45 minutes.  Remove the onion and discard ( Sidebar: once I told Mr. F that I could eat an uncooked onion like an apple.  He’s into eating contests, so I had to declare something that I could beat him in.  That is how much i  like onions, so we eat the onion.)  Serve over pasta and enjoy!  remember to try it straight up first and then feel free to add all those lovely ingredients you want, but maybe you won’t want to….