I will accept thanks before I even start this post.  Why?  Because this is one of the easiest recipes ever!  So fast, so good, so little ingredients.  It is really mind-boggling how good the flavour is.  I must admit, the colours on the plate have something to want, but just roast or steam a bright veg to plate with it and voila, it is redeemed.

So, one of my friends is abstaining from meat and dairy.  I instantly wanted to help.  Recipes started flooding my brain and I kept saying, “no……no……no…..'”  Does everything I make have cheese?  Oh geez.  Then I started remembering a few good ones.  This is one of those good ones.  No milk – only coconut milk.  No meat – only white fish.  Ok, yes, fish is meat, but it is fish.  Isn’t that like a pescatarian or something.  I am not all up on the different types of vegetarians out there, but I think some still eat fish, right?

Anyways, speaking of vegetarianism, a while back, ahem in my first trimester, I could not stand the smell of cooking meat.  I have since been cured of that terrible superpower of smelling, but the idea of eating less meat has lingered.  Was it back in grade school or more recently when I first was intrigued by the whole idea?  I say intrigued because I never even ever considered doing it.  How could an athlete not eat easily found protein?  Yes, I know some manage, but that was my excuse anyways.  Now come to think of it, my new excuse is the baby.  Hmmm, funny how that goes.  Well, I guess I was and still am intrigued because of the ecological footprint idea.  Eat closer to the bottom of the food chain.  Give your gut a cleansing.  Leave the poor animals alone?


We recently visited my brother-in-law up in Sweden.  It was amazing and cold and snowy and I heard other Canadians speak English.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  Mr. F’s bro is doing a masters in Leadership and Sustainability.  All about how to make our daily lives, businesses, basically the world more sustainable.  He is surrounded by amazingly creative folks and when they all disperse back to their homelands I think they will make a real difference.  My point in all this is – could eating less meat centered diets make a difference too?  So, I challenge you and myself to eating at least one meatless dinner per week.  I’ll help, don’t worry.  Ready, set, go! 

5 Minute Coconut Fish – Ricardo by Ricardo Larrivee

Because there is fish in this meal and I am pumping not eating meat, I checked out the sustainability factor of white fish and found that basa and tilapia are okayed.  Turns out that both of those would be just great in this dinner.   I served this with roasted brussel sprouts (cut off the end and slice in half.  sprinkle with oil and s+p and spread out on a pan in the oven at 350 degrees celcius until they can easily be pierced with a fork).

1-1.5 lbs (675g) of basa or tilapia fillets, cut into cubes

14 oz (398ml) can of coconut milk (I’ve used both light and regular and both work fine)

2 tbsp (30ml) chopped fresh ginger

0.25 tsp (1.25ml) ground coriander

grated zest and juice of 1 lime

salt and pepper

Start by putting some rice on to boil.  Brown rice adds a nutty flavour or jasmine rice is nice and fragrant with this dish.

 In a large skillet or straight sided pan, combine all the ingredients except the lime juice.  Let it come to a boil, reduce heat and then cover and simmer for 5 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper and add the lime juice.

Serve over that rice you prepared along side a nice brightly coloured veg of your choice.  Now wasn’t that easy?!