Have y’all ever made pasta from scratch?  Wow, I am impressed if you have.  I have stayed away from that adventure like the plague or like pastry dough come to think of it.  These things can be left to professionals like the big or small pasta brands and like Mr. Foodlova.  So, of course, now that you are reading this post, you know I have been wrangled into doing it.  Trust me, I just sat on the sidelines and watched with anxiety…

A couple weeks ago we glided (ok, we roughly crossed) the English channel on a cruise ship.  Ya, I know, weird.  Me and Mr. F like to do things a little out of the ordinary sometimes, so why wouldn’t we take a boat instead of just flying or catching a train over.  And yes, it was a little bumpy on the way over due to high northerly winds, but that just upped the coolness factor of it all.

Ok, back to the pasta.  So we stayed with some friends in London for the weekend.  Actually it was Mr. F’s childhood friend that we copied by moving overseas.  Come to think of it:  he married a girl from Sk, Mr. F married a girl who grew up 60 km away from her in SK (ya, that would be me), they just a baby, now we are expecting, they moved to London, we moved to Holland – see where this is going?  Turns out that we have been copying them all this time and didn’t even realize it!

Wow, can I stay on topic for at least a paragraph?!  Ok, so we are staying with J and C. and their smiley baby M.  They throw out there that we should make linguine from scratch.  I promptly agree that it is a super idea and then park myself on the couch and wait for them to do it.  I can not be trusted when it come to thin dough that can be torn and flaked and ahhhh!  So, they got down to business with Mr. F.  and really I was busy watching baby M anyways 😉

The dough was whipped up, then fed through a pasta press and voila, we had fresh linguine hanging from a clothes drying rack.  Ya, we got a little creative, but it worked perfectly.  The pasta was then piled into nests, the creamy scallop sauce whipped up by J and then it all came together in minutes.  I didn’t even get a good pick of the whole thing finished because we were too busy digging in. 

So, yes, I admit that pasta making is not that hard (to watch others do).  Try it out if you are adventurous and good luck!   Here’s a link to a Jamie Oliver basic pasta recipe.