We are lucky enough to have Mr. Foodlova’s Dad staying with us for a few nights.  I already told you how he is totally a gourmet whiz in the kitchen.  That means that it was time to step it up a little for a fine dinner.  I have been eyeing a recipe for pissaladiere on Sasasunakku ever since she posted it.  It is a “pizza” from southwest France.  Salty anchovies and carmalized onions on a crispy base.  It was the perfect time to try it out.  I paired it with an Emmental and Gruyère cheese fondue with steamed broccoli and green beans for dipping.  If you are into some fare on the lighter side, that pairs beautifully with some wine and friends, then this dinner combo is for you! (Wow, I just wrote an if-then statement!  That hasn’t happened since my lab writing school days…)  

A Fine Dinner

Look here for the pissaladiere recipe.

Look here for a cheese fondue recipe or search for one that sounds great to you.  The alcohol-free version with a milk base that we tried turned out very stringy, but still tasted great.  I recommend using a wine or hard apple cider base to keep the cheese smooth.  If you happen to be expecting like me, your fondue just might be stringy….

Chop the broccoli, leaving a long stem and leaving each piece thick enough so they will not break while dipping.  Pop off the ends of the green beans and leave them whole.  Steam the whole lot together just until they are bright green and still have a bit of a crunch. 

Pop a bottle of your favorite wine and sit down around a table with a person you love, family or good friends and enjoy something different for dinner.