I may be a bit early with this “recipe”.  Are potatoes being dug up yet?  I think you could probably pull up some small ones just for this occasion or make your way down to the market.  It is the most sublime little concoction you ever will taste.  It heralds from a small farmhouse a few miles outside of Ituna, Saskatchewan.  From my dear sweet Granny.

You know how everything your Granny makes just stays with you your whole life?  Her cooking is straight up meat and potatoes.  Farm food.  It is the organic, healthy, whole foods everyone is into these days.  My Geege (grandpa) just laughs at the whole movement.  He says, in his endearing Polish accent, that he’s been growing organic grains his whole life and Granny’s been planting and harvesting organic whole foods from her 1 acre garden to feed the family from the start of time.  Ok, not the start of time, but it’s been happening since my relations were fresh off the boat from Ukraine and Poland. 

I used to loooove getting to spend the night out at the farm.  During the day we would run around in the muddy yard, feed the cats, make forts and play the ridiculous games that you can only make up when you are young and filled with imagination.  Geege would be out in the fields and Granny would be hard at work.  Washing clothes and running them through the press to squeeze out the water (anyone know what I am talking about here? super old school).  Then she’d bring it all out and hang it on the line.  She’s call us all to the garden and set us upon the peas while she pulled up dinner.  We’d just be as happy as pigs in mud there.

At night we’d all go to bed early under homemade feather tics and just have the most peaceful sleeps with no sounds from the city.  I would always wake when Granny would be tinkering in the kitchen, early in the morning, with the kettle on the stove for tea.  I would tip-toe on the freezing flour in my nighty and pull up a chair from the 1970’s? 60’s? 50’s? table, my feet dangling from the stool.  Granny would greet me with my special Ukrainian nickname and ask if I wanted some tea.  She would quickly change the question with a wink and say,”How about some hot chocolate instead?” Only at Granny’s would we get hot chocolate for breakfast.  The morning was so peaceful at the farm and everyone would slowly rise as the sun came up.

Well, now that you are sufficiently enamoured with my Grandparents, I will finally give you the secret potato recipe.  Boil new potatoes, warm cream and fresh dill in a saucepan with salt and pepper.  Pour over the potatoes and dream of summer days on the farm… 

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New Potatoes in Cream and Dill Sauce – from Granny Foodlova

It’s gonna be hard to give you real measurements here, but they truly are not needed.  Here are the important bits: use only new potatoes from the garden or supermarket, do not over cook the potatoes, serve immediately while still piping hot.  This is great with beans from the garden and roasted ham, beef or chicken from the oven.

A pot-full of new smallish potatoes, halved or quartered

1-250 ml carton of cream (real cream or it won’t thicken, I’m talking full fat here people)

a heathy dose of chopped fresh dill


Boil the potatoes until still firm.  Drain the potatoes and replace them back in the hot pot.  This will dry them out, so as not to dilute the cream sauce.  In a saucepan, pour the cream and add the fresh dill and salt and pepper.  Stir on low heat until the cream thickens a little.  It will bubble up and thicken naturally.  Pour over the potatoes and make sure every inch is covered with cream.  Savour or devour and shake your head at how amazing this 3 ingredient side could possibly taste this good.