So, gentle readers, I have a little surprise!  On this blog I often refer to some of my great friends who are amazing cooks.  Back in Calgary, me and Mr.F would be invited to these said friends’ houses for dinner.  Not just any dinner, people.  We would be eating in style.  We love to get together for an excuse to make something that is not just ok, but great!  This is one of the things I miss most about being home: dinner parties!  Through this blog, I still get to share my culinary adventures, even though my friends back home can’t taste the food, but I’m missing out on their food odesseys.  And isn’t that what having dinner is all about – sharing?   This is where the great idea stems from.  Why not get my friends/family from back home to cook up some meals as guest bloggers and then it will be like I/you can be having dinner with them!  At their house!  Yes, my friends, this is a great idea.  Stay tuned for guest bloggers in the months to come…..