So, lately I have been bombarding you with salads.  They are delicious salads, mind you, but a person can’t just live on salad, right?  We need a little dessert in life.  A little sweet finish to a meal.  And who better to call upon for that craving, than Shelly over at Cookies and Cups.  While laughing hysterically at her posts and gawking at her masterfully created sweets, I finally resolved that I would attempt another one of her recipes.  How could I resist?  It was cheesecake squares.  Cheesecake, people.  One of my weaknesses.

I remember when I was little and my Mom would order cheesecake for dessert at a restaurant.  She would gingerly pierce her fork through the pointed slice, bring the creamy forkful to her lips and them hum “”mmmmmm” sounds over and over while she tasted the piece.  I was sure that I wanted a taste of THAT!  “Please Mom, can I have some?”  Of course my Mom succumb to my annoying pleading.  When I pierced a huge piece and stuffed it in my mouth, I could almost not swallow.  Yuck!  I wanted to spit it out.  What was this?!  It’s not even sweet.  Man, grown-ups are weird.  I think I’ll stick to my ice-cream sunday slathered in sticky sweet caramel, thank you very much.

And as the sands of time passed, I became said grown-up.  And with that grown-up status, so came the love of cheesecake and the “mmmmm” sounds of tasting a piece.  Now I think, “Man, kids’ tastebuds are weird.”

This cheesecake is not totally your grown-up style, though.  It has a ribbon of caramel running through it and some chunks of white oreos, too.  I guess it would be somewhere between the tween years and hitting 21.  Adults will like it and maybe even a kid or two will eat it.  Maybe they will eat everything between the “cheesecake” parts, but whatever.  Enjoy!

*****Photos courtesy of Mr. Foodlova – he is so creative 🙂

White Oreo and Caramel Cheesecake – via Cookies and Cups

So, I had to go pretty liberal with the ingredients in this recipe.  I found Wether’s Originals toffees to melt because I couldn’t find those little wrapped ones that are so abundant in North America.  Lo and behold, there were no Vanilla Oreos in the stores I checked.  Guess they are a little behind the times here when it comes to Oreos.  I bought a sandwich cookie of vanilla wafers and cream filling.  Not quite like the Oreo, but I think it did the trick.

28 Golden Oreos  (18 finely crushed, 10 carsely chopped)

3 tbsp melted butter

20-24 wrapped caramels

1 tbsp water

2 bricks cream cheese, softened

1 cup marshmallow fluff

1 egg

Ok, start by finely crushing 18 of those golden Oreos.  This is going to be the crust.  Mix in the 3 tbsp of melted butter and press firmly into the bottom of a dish.  You can go with a 9×9 inch square or a 9inch round whatever you prefer.  I did mine in a much bigger round (since it’s the only one I’ve got!) and the cheesecake was pretty thin.  Put the crust in a preheated 350 degrees farenheit oven for 10 minutes.  et aside and let cool for 0-15 minutes.

Next, mix the cream cheese, marshmallow fluff (kind of a brilliant idea instead of sugar) and the egg together.  Mix in the rest of the Oreos that are coarsely chopped. 

Meanwhile, melt those caramels with the 1 tbsp of water in the microwave or on the stove.  I used the stove, but if you use the microwave, Shelly says, 1 minute on high, stirring once at 30 secs.

Pour the cream cheese filling over the cooled crust.  Now dollop the melted caramels over the top.   Use a knife to create the swirls.  Then, pop it into the oven at 350 degrees farenheit for 20-25 minutes.  Finally, enjoy the sweet cheesecake!