Wow, that is kind of a long title.  I am the worst at coming up with recipe titles.  When I ask Mr. Foodlova if he wants this salad for dinner, I usually say, “want that, you know, that salmon chunk salad”  or I masterfully stutter ” I’m making that bean thingy mix salad tonight.”  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Bean mix – yuck.  So, I’m giving you the long version title because then you  know all the main players in this game and you will be thinking of how the combo will taste.  Spoiler alert –> it is awe(high note) – some(low note).

I’m going to go on a little side note here, so please bear with me.  I like me some comedy and sometimes we will rent a DVD.  On the advice of my sister-cousin (that’s my name for a cuz that is like a sis) we rented Russell Peters.  Um, you need to rent Russell Peter. OMG it is funny.  No exclamation marks in this paragraph because I am being 100% serious.  Funny.  Now, recently I surfed Youtube and landed on this Russell Peters’ bit (fyi: contains swearwords!).  Watch and you will totally understand how I just wrote awe(high note) – some(low note) above.  And if you’re a friend of Mr. Foodlova, then you will be losing your mind laughing because it is an exact replica of how he will articulate a particular swear.

Back to the main track….where was I, oh ya, I am writing a food blog.  Beans and salmon.  Ricardo.  Yes, the lovely debonaire character.  I miss his Quebecois accent on TLC, but still have his cookbook to browse.  This recipe does not hail from his cookbook, oh no, this is one committed to memory from his show.  I’m sure I remember it slightly different than he made it, but it is deadly none the less.

If it’s hot out in your neck of the woods, then eat it chilled, if it’s mild, then eat it warm.  If you live south of the equator, eat it hot.  Any way you like, it is lick-the-bowl-when-you’re-finished good.

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Salmon Salad with Green and Black Beans – adapted from Ricardo Larrivee

Now, here are some variations.  I prefer to use sage as the fresh herb of choice.  It gives the salad a crazy-good earthy taste.  I replaced it with dill on this day because sage was out at the store.  Turns out that either way is great.  If you need some carb action in this meal, steam/boil/bake some potatoes and toss with the salad.  A side of plain rice mixed in would also be good.

You can step this recipe up a notch by BBQing the fish and green beans first.  This gives the salad a smoky taste and the salmon gets those crispy edges.  I definitely reccommend it, especially if it’s too hot to cook in the house.

Salmon (enough for 2-4 people or however many you are feeding) cubed into 1 inch squares

2 C fresh green beans (break the beans into 1 inch segments)

1 can Black beans, rinsed (important!)

1/2 an onion, diced (or a whole small one)

3 stalks celery, chopped

fresh sage (add to taste)


3 tbsp  canola oil

3 tbsp apple cider vinegar (I’ve used red wine vinegar and it was good too)

1 tbsp dijon mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste

Begin by steaming the green beans.  You can just boil the beans or throw them in the microwave, but the method I like is using a one-size-fits-all steamer tray.  This thing is so pretty, but also works aweome.  It fits in any size pot.  All you need to do is put about 1 inch of water at the bottom and then place the tray in.  Lay the veggies on top and start steaming.  You can even do potatoes this way.


 In another large pan, start to saute the onion and celery.  All the ingredients are going in this pan, so make sure it is big enough.  When the onions just turn opaque, drop in the cubed salmon.  Gently stir around the mixture until the salmon is cooked, but not flaking apart.  Throw in the rinsed black beans and steamed green beans and toss.  When the whole mixture is warm, pour out into a large serving bowl.  Tear the sage into the bowl (or chop the dill).

Mix all the ingredients for the vinaigrette in a jar and shake until combined.  Just so you know – the mustard acts as an emulsifier and that is why the oil and vinegar can mix.  Booya, I know my chemistry 🙂

Now heap onto your plate and make sure you get seconds!