Ya, I know, I am writing about a tuna salad sandwich.  Cring!  I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to make one and everyone has a special ingredient they add to give it that little something extra.  Well, I have to confess that I love tuna salad.  I was the girl in middle school, in the lunch room, with the smelly lunch.  Yup, I was always slightly embarrassed, but the taste made up for the red cheeks.  So, here I am telling you about a tuna sandwich – albeit a jazzed up one.

If you hate fish, etc, then this sandwich is not for you.  See you next time you drop in 🙂  But, if you like the tuna, then stick around because this one you can actually serve to friends.  It isn’t just tuna salad smashed between 2 slices of bread.  Oh, no.  This is a baguette stuffed with tuna salad hiding a special treat on the inside.

This sandwich is another one of my Mom’s concoctions.  Now that I think of it – maybe she should be writing this blog.  Geez I am always stealing her ideas!  Anyways, she came up with it either from a cookbook or just in her creative mind, but I loved it from the start.  I always love food that looks well put together and looks like it took some effort,  when in reality it was quite easy.  Maybe because I am a snob or maybe it is because making food look nice for others shows that you care.  I like to think it is the latter, but I did live in Calgary for 10 years, hehehe!

What goes better with tuna salad than pickles.  I must dare say that nothing does (please comment if you disagree!).  The surprise in the center of the stuffed french loaf is an emerald line of crunchy garlicky pickles.  Sliced on the bias and the emerald center is exposed and gives the dainty sankdwich a jazzed-up look.  It would be nice for a picnic, to take for lunch or even at a wedding or baby shower.

Jazzed-Up Tuna Salad Sandwich – Mother Foodlova’s play on a classic

2 cans tuna in water

0.5 cup Miracle Whip (because of the tangy zip people! but regular mayo is fine)

2-3 green onions, chopped

1 french baguette

5-8 Garlic Dill Pickles (Store bought or homemade)

salt and pepper to taste

Start by cutting the baguette in half lengthwise.  Pull out the soft center of the bread on both sides.  Rip that soft bread up into bite-size pieces and put in a large mixing bowl.  You should now have two hollowed out halves (like 2 canoes).  You can butter the bread or just leave it dry, whatever you prefer. 

In the large mixing bowl with the bread pieces, throw in the drained tuna, the mayo, the chopped green onion and some salt and pepper.  Mix together until the mixture is well combined and sticks together.  If you need more mayo, go ahead and add more now. 

Separate the tuna mixture into 2 halves.  With one half,  line the bottom part of the baguette.  Now line the pickles up the middle of the “canoe”.  Take the other half of the mixture and cover the pickles.  Top it off with the top half of the bread and squish down.  Chill in the fridge.

To serve, cut pieces like you are slicing a loaf of bread and lay on its side.  The sandwich slice will have a pickle in the center surrounded by the tuna.  Enjoy!