What’s that zingy-zip?  What’s that citrus cool?  Well, it’s lime of course!  And what goes better with lime than salt? Not much.  Think lime margarita with a salty rim.  Now you’re talking.

This slaw is perfect for a BBQ or a summer spread.  It has that cool zip of lime mixed with the saltiness of feta.  The combo is unreal.  This slaw must be hard to make – you think.  Nope.  Easy-peasy.  Actually, it is only 5 ingredients.  Yup, just 5 wonderful, find-in-your-own-home ingredients.  Now this is an easy one to whip up.  Especially if you forgot about that BBQ you were invited to and promised to bring a salad.  Not like that has happened to any of us.  Well, instead of buying that suspect potato mush salad from the deli at the local grocery store or grabbing some chips and dip on the way (lame), whip this up.  Even your husband could figure this one out (sorry, that was a little kind-hearted jab).

I know I just posted an awesome beet and blue cheese salad, but I had to post another salad to even up the score for those two dessert posts of Dutch appeltaart and rustic pear pie in a row.  Don’t worry, I am watching out for your waistline.  Austublieft! (translation = you’re welcome).

Feta and Lime Slaw – adapted from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

thinly sliced small head of cabbage (you can even buy it bagged if you want)

0.33 cup feta cheese (seriously, just crumble as much as you like.  You know I used more than this :P)

3 tbsp oil (she suggests more, but I like an even ratio of oil and acid)

3 tbsp lime juice (I used 2 small limes)

1 tbsp honey

s + p to taste

Thinly slice up the cabbage (or open the bag) and throw into a large bowl.  Crumble the feta cheese on top.  In a small container (I usually have a saved glass jar from something or other to shake up vinaigrette in) combine the oil, lime juice, honey and salt and pepper and shake.  Pour over the salad and toss.  Done.  Cover with Saran wrap and take to your BBQ party.

***When you let it sit for a little while (meaning about 30 mins) the cabbage will soak up some of the vinaigrette and wilt a little.  Don’t worry, it tastes better this way.