I arrived in Delft, the Netherlands, the world, the universe (movie quote anyone – it’s a tough one, but from my favorite flick) at the end of last week.  Setting up a life here takes lots of filling out of forms and creating passcodes and the such, but we have finally logged back on to the world wide web.  Eureka!  I didn’t realize how much I really did like talking to you all out there!  I’ve been writing blogs in my head for the past 6 days…

I was trying to come up with something I could make here with what I have found for accoutrement (feeling the euro love already:) ) here in my kitchen.  Well let me tell you – it is not much.  There is a small fridge and a 2 element hot plate.  They provided us with 2 times: 1 wok, 1 pot, 1 plate, 1 set of cutlery, 1 glass, well you get the picture.  We don’t even have a pan for frying up an omelet!  We do have some stuff in the boxes that will be here in 5-8 weeks, but good thing we packed a turkey roaster in our luggage.  I’m being sarcastic here, people, we don’t have an oven to speak of. 

So, showing you some Dutch culinary delight might take a couple of weeks, so I thought I would just tell you about some of the awesome stuff we found out at the grocery store.  I’ll preface this first part with a little story.  Let’s say that Arne and I were on a budget in Calgary.  What would we cut off of our food list to keep in the black?  Well, when it comes to expensive treats, the top of our list would be wine and cheese.  Let’s face it, in the real world we would not cut those two delicious items off our list, but some other savvy Canadian might :).  Anyways, if we were on a budget, like we are here, that would be the last things we would cut out!  We would eat more actually.  It’s so awesome!  Blue cheese was 1.09 euros!  Wine was 2 euros!  Other specialty cheeses like Camembert which are almost $10 in Canada – 1 euro here.  You can lift your chin off your desk now.  It’s perfectly true.  We have come to wine and cheese heaven. 

Everywhere you go there are bakeries, fruit and veggies stores, markets, and candy shops.  While walking Arne to school in the morning, we walk past a bakery and all you can smell are fresh-baked croissants.  Brings me back to early morning jetlag in the Van der Valk Wolvega….

I even got a gift from oom Johan and tante Marienne.  A new Dutch cookbook.  The first night we were here we stayed with them.  We told them that we were starting a diet since all our friends and family from back home were fattening us up for the past month.  We liked it, don’t worry, but it is time we shed a few kilos.  Nothing a few miles on the dutch granny bikes won’t get.  Tot ziens!