Welcome lovas, lustas, cravas and tasteas of food!  For the past 2 years I have been writing a blog as an Olympic Speed Skater.  At first the blog was just about skating, but soon turned into a mish-mash of my interests.  The part I liked most was when I posted about some of my favourite recipes.   Having to keep my body fueled from training was a great excuse to make incredible tasting grub.  That gave me a thought:  now that I am retired, how could I pursue my passion for food?   The answer is food blogging!  This site is for all you Food Lovas out there.  I love recipes that turn out high class, but are made of simple ingredients and came together easily.  My tastes are all over the map (from travelling the world of course!) so be ready for anything.   I would be remiss not to add some wholesome made-by-your-mom recipes too.  Finally, I hope you like quotes from TV, music and movies because you can be in on all the inside jokes of this blog (hint: Lova -> lamb shanks -> Will Ferrell).  Enjoy!